quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011


Hola, beauties! Sorry* I know I've been really absent from here. (Another projects)... Today, I 'm bringing some of the eye moisturizers that I've been using recently. I like them, but it's not like a "miracle"... I don't have nothing bad to say about it, and nothing sooo exciting. *Better than nothing.

First, the Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye, by Lancôme, with SPF 28 sunscreen (Which is GOOD!!). And the other: Good Morning Eye Treatment, by Elizabeth Arden. 

Extra: I just bought this powder - by LÓreal, and it's really.... a shit! *Oops. Well, I wouldn't buy it again, never. (I used on eyes area). And I feel the eyes area over dried with this stuff! I didn't, didn't like!! ¬¬ It's awful.

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